All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc (ATAMI) is proud to offer 15 Washtenaw County youth the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica for 10 days (August 16-27, 2018.) through an International Cultural Exchange Youth Leadership program. Participants will help students in Costa Rica by participating in the first annual ATAMI International Cultural Exchange Youth Conference. The goal of the conference is to create “History Alive: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” to communities in Costa Rica highlighting the accomplishments of Costa Rican’s leaders of African descent.

This is an excellent opportunity to broaden the horizon of Washtenaw County youth and help them become informed future leaders. There are several ways you can join us in this leadership development initiative.

  1. Sponsor 3 or more youth ($5,000)
  2. Sponsor 2 youth ($3,200)
  3. Sponsor one youth ($1,600)
  4. Partially sponsor youth

All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, all donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. If you would like to give anonymously, in larger amounts than indicated, or have any questions, email us at

Thank you for supporting the first annual ATAMI International Cultural Exchange Youth Conference!

Sponsorship Levels